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Boost your confidence with Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery:

Breast reduction procedure, commonly known as reduction mammoplasty. It’s a plastic surgery procedure apply to reduce the size and shape of large breasts. The procedure is usually performed for physical relief rather than other cosmetic reasons. This procedure gives you smaller, lighter and firmer breasts by removing excess breast fat and glandular tissue. Statistics say that breast reduction procedure gives more satisfactory results among all cosmetic surgeries. The goal of breast reduction procedure is to proportionate your breasts with rest of the body parts. This procedure gives you dual benefits one is improving your appearance and secondary you have no physical and emotional burden of over large breasts. After surgery you will get an enhanced, beautiful and desirable breast shape and you feel more confident about your looks and appearance.

                             breast reduction

Procedure Candidates:

Beast breast reduction surgeon Dr. Vivek Kumar tells us, Who are the right candidates for this procedure.

If your breasts are too large and un-proportional to body frame and creating back, neck and shoulder pain.

  • If one breast is too larger than another one.
  • If the breasts are too heavy. Nipples and areolas pointed downward.
  • If you are unhappy, unsatisfied and self-conscious about larger appearance of your breasts.

The Procedure:

It’s a common and popular method to reduce the size of breasts. Breast reduction procedure is generally performed through incisions on breasts with removal of excess fat, breast tissues and skin. Under this procedure three incisions pattern are made, one is around nipple and areola, second runs vertically from the bottom of areola to underneath of the breast and third incision is made over the natural curve of the breast crease. In the procedure, when excess fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed then nipple and areola shifted to a higher level. Most of the surgeons prefer general anesthesia for breast reduction surgery. A few of them perform this procedure by another method “intravenous sedation” commonly known as twilight sedation. If you have more heavy and fatty breasts then breast liposuction may be right option for you. In most of the cases, Liposuction procedure is used to improve the body contour under the arms.

Post Procedure Care:

It is advised to patient to sleep in upright position for a minimum one to two weeks after surgery done. After procedure, patient should avoid lifting heavy things for four to six weeks. Don’t raise your hands over your head. Need to keep your hands to your size for minimum two weeks. Patient should avoid driving for two to 3 weeks. It’s advised to avoid bathing until your incisions are closed completely. You may ask for sponge baths to your surgeon. Take pain relief medicines prescribed by your surgeon only. Avoid taking alcohol when taking pain medications. Don’t smoke because it will create complications and delay in healing. Avoid participating in exercise and other body movement activity. Patient should wear supportive and comfortable bra. It’s advised to add more raw fruits and fluids in your diet.

Duration of Procedure:

Breast reduction surgery takes approximately two to four hours and performed in hospital, clinic or surgical center. The operating time could be depends on chosen technique and breast size. Breast reduction surgery in Dehli is commonly performed under local anesthesia. Patients may return to their home on the same day or spend overnight in hospital or clinic.

Recovery time:

Recovery time is one to three weeks. Mostly patients return to their normal routine within the specified time interval. Strong physical activities require three to six week after procedure.


The longevity of result is permanent. After surgery, it will help to make physical activities easier. Patient enjoys new appearance and pleased with size and shape of their breasts.

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