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FACE LIFT Procedure/Surgery

While aging is unavoidable, your face does not have to expose your real age. A facelift can’t change or halt the aging procedure, but it can convert your face providing you a more younger, refreshed and all-natural appearance.

Choosing the suitable surgeon for your requirements is a important step in ensuring you are assured and receive the best possible outcomes. A good facelift simply leaves no ‘tell-tale’ signs, but a poor facelift is often complicated to correct. We therefore highly encourage you to analysis, meet up with many cosmetic surgeons and make a very careful selection after allowing sufficient time to understand the risks and advantages. Don’t rush your decision. Think about only surgeons who realize your requirements and concerns, and who have the maximum levels of surgery training and expertise.

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The SCULPT plastic and cosmetic procedure centre Delhi Difference:

Our Experience – We have extensive experience and expertise in the place of facial rejuvenation

Various Techniques – Variety from minimal and minimally invasive (e.g. brow lift, mini-face lift or eye lift) to more invasive, full facelifts

Discussion with the Surgeon – Each and every Facelift consultation is with the medical expert that will complete your surgery.

Personal Approach- Simply because no two people are alike, we understand that no two processes can be the same. Every single Face lift surgery treatment in Dehli is a unique service that is changed to give the best service to every single patient.

Inclusive Service- At Sculpt we are with you each and every step of the way and be sure you feel relaxed during the entire process. We provide free of charge follow-up consultation services.

Incisions generally begin over the hairline at the temples, increase in a normal line in front side of the ear, or just within the cartilage at the front side of the ear, and proceed behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. If the neck requires work, a small incision may also made within the chin.

Generally, the surgeon divides the skin from the fat and muscle tissue below. Fat could be trimmed or suctioned from across the chin and neck to enhance the contour. The actual muscle and membrane layer will be tightened, the pores and skin will be drawn back and any extra will be removed. Stitching protected the layers of cells and closes the incisions; steel clips may be applied on the scalp.

Following surgical procedure, a little, thin tube will be temporarily positioned within the skin behind your ear to drain any blood that may obtain there. Your head will be covered directly after surgery treatment to reduce swelling and bruising.