My Blog is related to cosmetic procedures, surgeries, skin care, dermatology and plastic surgery. In this blog I will post all about cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is for all those who have:

  • acne scars
  • superficial pigmentation and age spots
  • sun damaged skin
  • some pre-cancerous skin circumstances
  • wrinkles

Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India use the newest Pixel Erbium technologies to deliver skin tightening procedures giving minimal downtime & difficulties.

Laser skin resurfacing is a well-known beauty process that will help rejuvenate the skin and decrease the effects of the sun, aging, and some facial skin problems. Treatments are risk-free, effective, and hassle-free. Also, the charges of cosmetic laser skin resurfacing are little in comparison to a number of other treatment choices.

Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing damages or injuries the surface layers of skin and induces the production of collagen and new epidermis tissues in the main layers, providing about smoother, youthful, healthier-looking skin. Cosmetic laser skin resurfacing is a technique for reducing the overall look of imperfections on the skin’s surface area. During the laser skin resurfacing process a laser is applied to reduce the molecular bonds of the harmed skin cells layer by layer until a better, more uniform skin appearance is obtained.

Laser skin resurfacing is suitable for affected individuals looking for treatment for staining, wrinkles, sun-damage, acne marks, or other kinds of defects in skin look. The process does have limitations and persons with severe scarring damage may need to use extra scar revision methods to obtain the best possible results. A suitable candidate for laser skin resurfacing is somebody who has genuine expectations and is open to talking about any laser skin resurfacing issues at the time of appointment.


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