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Cut down your breast size by undergoing breast reduction surgery

Summary: If you are agonized by the load of heavy breasts, you should definitely plan to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The female gender is something that has long been celebrated in both ethos and sculptures. After all, it is the lady who bears kids. Because each female’s body is unique, ladies have a plethora of different body features that they might be contented or discontented about. At times, females are actually uncomfortable with the size of their breasts, so they undergo processes like breast reduction. Such a technique might seem abnormal to some folks who think that the bigger a female’s breasts are, the cheerier and more buoyant she should be. However, sometimes the breasts can be too bulky and thus pose difficulties that breast reduction surgery is meant to rectify. Large breasts can be triggered by unwarranted weight gain, bad implants or just heredities. Females who seek out this process under the supervision of a veteran breast reduction surgeon in India are suffering from breathing hassles or repeated backaches owing to the surplus weight that they are carrying around in their bosom.

Significance of breast reduction surgery

There are various reasons as to why women decide to undergo this surgery. Some females have extraordinarily outsized breasts. Such women find it enormously problematic to perform their day-to-day errands. It becomes very tough for them to carry out their routine work. Such ladies need not bear this kind of ailment anymore. They can find relief in breast reduction surgery. The technique is designed to both decrease the size of the breast and lift the breast tissue that is well-kept to a more superlative and young-looking position. Many females have gained from this procedure by far.

Who can undergo breast reduction?

Those that are discontented or uncomfortable with the size of their bosom should contemplate undergoing this type of process but only once they have struggled to solve the problem with medicines or other treatments. It is vital to comprehend the cause of the problem so that the apt form of treatment can be found. It will not aid to treat the indications of a problem when the reason has not yet been recognized because this will only make the problem to come back at a later date. It is imperative to note that if a lady is considerably overweight, then she will not be considered a decent contender for breast reduction in Delhi. The main reason for this is because if she adheres to a diet and workout plan, the size and weight of her breasts will reduce. Females who are of a healthy weight and are keen on getting this kind of surgery will first need to find a proficient surgeon with admirable testimonials. Once that has been done, a consultation will be booked to discuss the process as well as answer any supplementary questions.

At SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, you can seek advice on breast reduction process by Dr. Vivek Kumar, a notable breast reduction surgeon in India.


Liposuction: get rid of the fatty pockets easily and rapidly!

Summary: In the recent few years, liposuction has gained immense popularity as a plastic surgery all over the globe.

Liposuction has acquired wide acknowledgment as a cosmetic surgery alternative that can successfully contour the body. In liposuction surgery, the plastic surgeon eliminates the fat deposits that are amassed underneath the surface of the skin for providing a well-contoured and smoother appearance. This specific plastic surgery technique has gained a good deal of attention because it has the power to help over heavy people lose weight in a rapid and resourceful manner. The technique is largely carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon that makes incisions into the region of the body in which the fat needs to be eliminated. The fat is then removed with a device called cannula.

Liposuction in Delhi


Liposuction treatment: are you the right Candidate?

You are a worthy contender for liposuction surgery if you satisfy these conditions:

  1. Are bodily and emotionally healthy
  2. Are of average or a little beyond average (20 to 25 pounds) weight
  3. Workout often and eat healthy and fresh food
  4. Have tenacious sacks of fat that do not head off regardless of a strict workout and diet routine
  5. Have skin that is firm and flexible
  6. Have genuine expectations

There is a limit to the quantity of fat that can be chucked out with liposuction and it should never be considered a pure weight loss therapy. Even mature individuals can gain from this process as long as they have good skin pliability and do not struggle with any main health concerns.

If you are an ideal contender for this surgery according to the above recommendations. You need to make certain that the doctor who is elected is competent, board-certified and veteran. Scheduled Your liposuction in Delhi with certified cosmetic & plastic surgeon Dr. Vivek Kumar.

FACE LIFT Procedure/Surgery

While aging is unavoidable, your face does not have to expose your real age. A facelift can’t change or halt the aging procedure, but it can convert your face providing you a more younger, refreshed and all-natural appearance.

Choosing the suitable surgeon for your requirements is a important step in ensuring you are assured and receive the best possible outcomes. A good facelift simply leaves no ‘tell-tale’ signs, but a poor facelift is often complicated to correct. We therefore highly encourage you to analysis, meet up with many cosmetic surgeons and make a very careful selection after allowing sufficient time to understand the risks and advantages. Don’t rush your decision. Think about only surgeons who realize your requirements and concerns, and who have the maximum levels of surgery training and expertise.

Face Lift

The SCULPT plastic and cosmetic procedure centre Delhi Difference:

Our Experience – We have extensive experience and expertise in the place of facial rejuvenation

Various Techniques – Variety from minimal and minimally invasive (e.g. brow lift, mini-face lift or eye lift) to more invasive, full facelifts

Discussion with the Surgeon – Each and every Facelift consultation is with the medical expert that will complete your surgery.

Personal Approach- Simply because no two people are alike, we understand that no two processes can be the same. Every single Face lift surgery treatment is a unique service that is changed to give the best service to every single patient.

Inclusive Service- At Sculpt we are with you each and every step of the way and be sure you feel relaxed during the entire process. We provide free of charge follow-up consultation services.

Incisions generally begin over the hairline at the temples, increase in a normal line in front side of the ear, or just within the cartilage at the front side of the ear, and proceed behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. If the neck requires work, a small incision may also made within the chin.

Generally, the surgeon divides the skin from the fat and muscle tissue below. Fat could be trimmed or suctioned from across the chin and neck to enhance the contour. The actual muscle and membrane layer will be tightened, the pores and skin will be drawn back and any extra will be removed. Stitching protected the layers of cells and closes the incisions; steel clips may be applied on the scalp.

Following surgical procedure, a little, thin tube will be temporarily positioned within the skin behind your ear to drain any blood that may obtain there. Your head will be covered directly after surgery treatment to reduce swelling and bruising.