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Get familiar with the array of benefits that Botox injections offer

Summary:These days, botox injections are a great way to attain youthful facial skin that is eye-pleasing to flaunt.

If your skin is starting to show the chief signs of aging, you may be considering speaking to a cosmetic surgeon to converse about the options that are available to you. One of the main alternatives that your cosmetic surgeon will vouch for is Botox treatment in Delhi.The word “Botox” is a word derived by the shortening botulinum toxin type A, recognized as a natural neuro-toxin. It was near the year 1989 that the FDA approved the use of Botox as an excellent treatment of certain illnesses involving muscle complications. Why botox works this way precisely is that Botox essentially generates a block on the receptors in the muscles so when indicated to contract-the signal is therefore not received, compelling the muscle to be semi-permanently incapable to contract. Simply in layman’s way, it acts to restrain the affected muscles.


Benefits of using Botox treatment
Given below is some useful info about the cosmetic benefits of Botox injections in Delhi:

  • Botox is one of the primary tools in the combat to diminish fine lines and crinkles, aiding to make your skin look smoother and fresher. The inoculations help to moderately freeze the muscles into which the constituent is vaccinated, which help to ease the appearance of lines. Movements in some regions of the face, for example around the eyes, can aid to create fine lines and nasty-looking crinkles. This is particularly true in reputes to regions of your face where you make frequent movements, which can help the lines to become profounder and denser. By moderately freezing the muscles that control these actions, you are stopping these lines from developing.
  • One of the main cosmetic benefits of botox over other sorts of wrinkle decrease or skin smoothing treatment is the fact that it is non-invasive. This kind of non-invasive technique has a much speedier recovery phase than an aggressive surgical technique would have, and is unlikely to leave any kind of blemishing. In maximum circumstances, you will be able to continue with your day-to-day routine instantaneously following the botox treatment. This is a plus point that botox treatment offers if equated to other non-invasive procedures, such as a chemical peel, where you might have to expend up to 2 weeks waiting for your skin to recuperate.
  • As well as treating skin problems, Botox can also be beneficial in averting unwarranted sweating or perspiration. For individuals who cannot control their symptoms using prescription antiperspirants or deodorants alone, botox injections are helpful. These inoculations can eliminate the requirement for prescription antiperspirants for numerous months at a time and repeated treatments may be needed. This treatment can give folks the buoyancy that they can now go out in public again with high confidence.

If you are serious about undergoing Botox Treatment in India, visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic which is owned and managed by Dr. Vivek Kumar.


Cut down your breast size by undergoing breast reduction surgery

Summary: If you are agonized by the load of heavy breasts, you should definitely plan to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The female gender is something that has long been celebrated in both ethos and sculptures. After all, it is the lady who bears kids. Because each female’s body is unique, ladies have a plethora of different body features that they might be contented or discontented about. At times, females are actually uncomfortable with the size of their breasts, so they undergo processes like breast reduction. Such a technique might seem abnormal to some folks who think that the bigger a female’s breasts are, the cheerier and more buoyant she should be. However, sometimes the breasts can be too bulky and thus pose difficulties that breast reduction surgery is meant to rectify. Large breasts can be triggered by unwarranted weight gain, bad implants or just heredities. Females who seek out this process under the supervision of a veteran breast reduction surgeon in India are suffering from breathing hassles or repeated backaches owing to the surplus weight that they are carrying around in their bosom.

Significance of breast reduction surgery

There are various reasons as to why women decide to undergo this surgery. Some females have extraordinarily outsized breasts. Such women find it enormously problematic to perform their day-to-day errands. It becomes very tough for them to carry out their routine work. Such ladies need not bear this kind of ailment anymore. They can find relief in breast reduction surgery. The technique is designed to both decrease the size of the breast and lift the breast tissue that is well-kept to a more superlative and young-looking position. Many females have gained from this procedure by far.

Who can undergo breast reduction?

Those that are discontented or uncomfortable with the size of their bosom should contemplate undergoing this type of process but only once they have struggled to solve the problem with medicines or other treatments. It is vital to comprehend the cause of the problem so that the apt form of treatment can be found. It will not aid to treat the indications of a problem when the reason has not yet been recognized because this will only make the problem to come back at a later date. It is imperative to note that if a lady is considerably overweight, then she will not be considered a decent contender for breast reduction in Delhi. The main reason for this is because if she adheres to a diet and workout plan, the size and weight of her breasts will reduce. Females who are of a healthy weight and are keen on getting this kind of surgery will first need to find a proficient surgeon with admirable testimonials. Once that has been done, a consultation will be booked to discuss the process as well as answer any supplementary questions.

At SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, you can seek advice on breast reduction process by Dr. Vivek Kumar, a notable breast reduction surgeon in India.

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic- Celebrating women’s day This Year

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is a leading skin care, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and laser hair removal treatments provider in New Delhi, India. This Clinic is using fourth generation FDA-approved techno machines to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate your skin appearance. We understand the value of women and doing good for them with special attention and care to enhance their beauty.


In our very small journey, We have achieved several awards and recognitions. Recently we have been awarded “Customer Service Award 2015” by top European organization ( SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic clinic proven its strong availability in skin care and cosmetic surgery industry by getting back to back awards from 2013 to 2015 in quality and service excellence. Dr. Vivek Kumar, a certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon having 15 years of experience and completed thousands no of surgeries successfully. His name is mentioned in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS. He is regularly invited by top news channels and magazines for his expert views on cosmetic surgery and recently he was featured on DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

At SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, all the treatments are done under supervision of Dr. Vivek Kumar by using latest techniques and technologies.

To commemorate Women’s day, SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is celebrating Women’s Day with love and admiration by offering special packages for fourth generation skin care, cosmetic surgery & laser hair removal treatments to people.

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Why is it essential to take care of your skin?

Skin is the most important part of our body and we can make it look younger and take its care with the help of different skin treatments.

Beauty and skin upkeep go hand in hand, particularly for those who want to boast their personality with buoyancy. Daily nutrition and care is very significant for the skin to stay sparkling, renewed and beaming. As a matter of fact, skin is the most delicate and chief part of human body, over and above the largest organ. Our skin works like a beneficial sieve and destructive constituents are emanated out of the body with the perspiration through skin.

Our Clinic AddressWith the course of aging, skin loses its moistness and is likely to slump down. Everybody wishes he or she could stay young the entire life, but this is not practically possible. Indisputably, aging is foreseeable natural progression and nobody is relieved from it. Maturing often makes perceptible marks on our skin in the forms of lines, crinkles, spots, flaccid skin, folds and bags underneath the eyes. Every person will age at a diverse rate reliant on heredities, contact to UV rays, stress, contact to contaminations, and poor diet.

As you grow in age, it is vital to go through aged skin treatment so that your skin will not drop its sheen and pliability. These treatments will help you to easily maintain a youthful skin that you can flaunt with high self-confidence. There are many different types of skin treatments that can help you to fight back the distressing signs of ageing. However, you should be careful while choosing the skin clinic that can provide you a wide array of such treatments.

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is the best skin clinic in Delhi where the team of surgeons works dedicatedly towards giving your youthful skin back to you.

Boost your confidence with Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery:

Breast reduction procedure, commonly known as reduction mammoplasty. It’s a plastic surgery procedure apply to reduce the size and shape of large breasts. The procedure is usually performed for physical relief rather than other cosmetic reasons. This procedure gives you smaller, lighter and firmer breasts by removing excess breast fat and glandular tissue. Statistics say that breast reduction procedure gives more satisfactory results among all cosmetic surgeries. The goal of breast reduction procedure is to proportionate your breasts with rest of the body parts. This procedure gives you dual benefits one is improving your appearance and secondary you have no physical and emotional burden of over large breasts. After surgery you will get an enhanced, beautiful and desirable breast shape and you feel more confident about your looks and appearance.

Procedure Candidates:

Beast breast reduction surgeon Dr. Vivek Kumar tells us, Who are the right candidates for this procedure.

If your breasts are too large and un-proportional to body frame and creating back, neck and shoulder pain.

  • If one breast is too larger than another one.
  • If the breasts are too heavy. Nipples and areolas pointed downward.
  • If you are unhappy, unsatisfied and self-conscious about larger appearance of your breasts.

The Procedure:

It’s a common and popular method to reduce the size of breasts. Breast reduction procedure is generally performed through incisions on breasts with removal of excess fat, breast tissues and skin. Under this procedure three incisions pattern are made, one is around nipple and areola, second runs vertically from the bottom of areola to underneath of the breast and third incision is made over the natural curve of the breast crease. In the procedure, when excess fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed then nipple and areola shifted to a higher level. Most of the surgeons prefer general anesthesia for breast reduction surgery. A few of them perform this procedure by another method “intravenous sedation” commonly known as twilight sedation. If you have more heavy and fatty breasts then breast liposuction may be right option for you. In most of the cases, Liposuction procedure is used to improve the body contour under the arms.

Post Procedure Care:

It is advised to patient to sleep in upright position for a minimum one to two weeks after surgery done. After procedure, patient should avoid lifting heavy things for four to six weeks. Don’t raise your hands over your head. Need to keep your hands to your size for minimum two weeks. Patient should avoid driving for two to 3 weeks. It’s advised to avoid bathing until your incisions are closed completely. You may ask for sponge baths to your surgeon. Take pain relief medicines prescribed by your surgeon only. Avoid taking alcohol when taking pain medications. Don’t smoke because it will create complications and delay in healing. Avoid participating in exercise and other body movement activity. Patient should wear supportive and comfortable bra. It’s advised to add more raw fruits and fluids in your diet.

Duration of Procedure:

Breast reduction surgery takes approximately two to four hours and performed in hospital, clinic or surgical center. The operating time could be depends on chosen technique and breast size. Breast reduction surgery is commonly performed under local anesthesia. Patients may return to their home on the same day or spend overnight in hospital or clinic.

Recovery time:

Recovery time is one to three weeks. Mostly patients return to their normal routine within the specified time interval. Strong physical activities require three to six week after procedure.


The longevity of result is permanent. After surgery, it will help to make physical activities easier. Patient enjoys new appearance and pleased with size and shape of their breasts.

Looking to perk up your self confidence through Breast Reduction, reach us for instant support at Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, Delhi, India. Accurate result is guaranteed with us.


Boost Your Self Confidence through Breast Augmentation!

Breast Augmentation– Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery used to enhance the size of the small sized natural breast. Breast implant is performed in diverse ways to improve the size and shape of disfigured or removed breast due to mastectomy. Surgery is effective to increase the volume of breast which is lost due to reduced weight after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is also known as Augmentation mammoplasty.

Breast augmentation procedure– Breast augmentation surgery is performed through breast implants or with the help of fat transfer which is commonly known as fat transfer breast augmentation in Delhi. The decision of breast implant is made as per your frame and mass of the body. Through scrupulous care, perfect implantation, closure of incision and reconciliation of scars with passage of time give you nicely built structure and ideal body figure.

Diverse breast implant techniques used for breast enlargement:-

  • Saline breast Implants
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Gummy bear breast implants
  • Round breast implants
  • Smooth breast implants
  • Textured breast implants

Candidature of Procedure:

  • Sense of low self esteem due to small breast size
  • Self consciousness while wearing fitting clothes
  • Decreased breast size due to weight loss
  • Loss of firmness due to loss in weight after pregnancy
  • Frequent fluctuation of weight led to change in shape and size
  • Existence of asymmetry

Breast augmentation procedure:

  • Breast augmentation also known as breast enlargement
  • Performed through breast implant procedure
  • Incision is made under or over the chest muscle, armpit or under the nipple
  • Implantation of saline or silicone breast implants through small incisions
  • Procedure is performed under general anesthesia
  • Surgery takes about one to two hours
  • Cosmetic surgery produces an enhanced breast for improved figure.

After care and recovery:

  • After surgery overnight stay at hospital is necessary
  • Patients are advised to sleep in a upright position at least for 1 to 2 weeks
  • Heavy lifting is avoided for 4-6 weeks
  • The posture should be correct and hand and elbow should be kept by the side
  • Driving is not advised for 2 weeks
  • Physical exercise should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Any kind of physical contact should be avoided (exclude the Bra) for 3-4 weeks
  • Scar recovers within 3 months to 2 years, depends upon each case and patients as well.
  • Proper medication is suggested for best result
  • Smoking and Drinking should be avoided for at least 3 weeks

Benefits of Breast augmentation:

  • Increase the Breast volume
  • Improves the protrusion of breasts
  • Augment the unsymmetrical into symmetrical
  • Helps to build self-confidence
  • Enhanced body shape and figure


  • Breast implant removal is required in case patient’s face problems like deflation, implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture may occur which is a formation of scar tissue around the implant that causes tightening or hardening of breasts,
  • Bleeding or infection is another problem that may occur
  • Occasional or permanent increase or decrease of sensitivity of the nipple or breast skin.

Recovery Time:

Patients can return back to work within few days.


The improved Breast Augmentation Delhi with enhanced breast size and improved self confidence and looks.

Looking to perk up your self confidence through Breast Implant, reach us for instant support at Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, Delhi, India. Accurate result is guaranteed with us.