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What is laser hair reduction? Read on

What is laser hair reduction:

Laser hair reduction is a laser technology to remove unwanted facial and body hairs. It is a common procedure that is done by most people. The laser light targets the hair root and destroys the hair follicle which causes delay in hair growth and lessens density. Laser hair reduction is much better than shaving or waxing. It is a safe and effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs.

laser hair reduction

Laser hair reduction machine:

First time ever in India we provide FDA approved Sciton pain free machine. It absolutely pains free and leaves no redness post treatment. So even if you are going to office or important meetings or any kind of occasion you can take laser hair reduction in Dehli beforehand.

Laser hair reduction can be done on arms, legs, chest and back and even on sensitive areas like the face and bikini. It does not have any side effects. Facial hair is the most commonly done area for women who have facial hairs. It may require multiple sessions to see the optimum result. However, maintenance is always required. Males who don’t want body hair can also go for laser hair reduction. It actually works better in a course hair. Courser the hair betters the result.


Before the treatment one should avoid bleaching for a month as the laser does not work on bleached hair. After treatment one should also avoid using warm or hot water on the treated area. If you have taken under arms, laser then any kind of perfume or body sprays needs to be avoided.


Laser hair removal: a boon for present days’ men and women !

Summary: Laser hair removal is an amazingly significant procedure that can remove unwanted body hair and is long-lasting in nature.

It is very true that human beings are hairy mammals. There is growth of hairs in the armpits, back area, above the lip, the chest, groin region, legs and arms and in many other zones of the body. Eras ago, having so much hair visible on the body was not that big a deal; but in the present day, it is something that should be given utmost thoughtfulness to. Getting rid of unappealing and undesirable body hair is something that most grown-ups, whether males or females spend some time fidgeting with. Men and ladies nowadays look at their body hair as inadequate and uninvited physical attribute they would desire to be removed enduringly. Certain regions of the human body such as the legs and armpits in females and the chest for males look more visually attractive without the body hair.

Abundant numbers of hair removal options are in existence these days and one of them is laser hair removal technique.

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What is laser hair removal procedure?

Has shaving made you depressed? Are you sick and worn-out of waxing all along? Laser hair removal technology is there to help you out! In current past years, laser hair removal procedure has become one of the most prevalent cosmetic techniques among men and women to chuck out unsolicited hair with security and comfort. With the latest improvements in the technology, it is now conceivable to eternally diminish unwelcomed body hair rapidly and with no trouble with verified long-standing and perceptible results. This process can be executed on diverse zones of body. This pioneering treatment has gained admiration all around the globe as it is fast, abolishing hair follicles very little time if equated to other approaches of hair removal such as epilating, waxing, tweezing, shaving, electrolysis, etc.

Various exciting advantages of laser hair removal process

Laser hair removal is a painless, trouble-free and most operative way of getting rid of hair everlastingly. It is implemented by veteran doctors and experts who aim to give clients remarkable results. It is effective in eliminating hair present on the legs, underarms, back, bikini part and is even safe to use on numerous delicate parts of the body. It is definitely the best than waxing and electrolysis. Using lasers for hair removal is very safe. You won’t have to be terrified of razor burns, malformed hairs or nicks. Apart from this, laser removal instigates little to no side effects as the process uses particular laser technology. Some persons may experience a small expanse of pain or uneasiness, but the effects are often negligible and transitory when equated to other cosmetic techniques.

In the end, it tremendously important to seek the advice of a credible and trustworthy clinic for undergoing laser procedure. If you wish to take on an option of permanent laser hair removal in Delhi, you can head towards Dr. Vivek Kumar’s SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in South Delhi.